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The complexity of developing and implementing simple solutions

The complexity of developing and implementing simple solutions

Who did not have to wear it at least once until now? Raise your hand if you enjoyed the experience? Not only does the hospital gown transform us into a patient, a role that none of us like to endorse, but it is ugly, hard to tie and it exposes to everyone’s view our most intimate parts, regardless of the size of our body. Is this the only solution? No! And this is what Noémi Marquis – who graduated in industrial design from the University of Montreal –demonstrated with her supervisor, Denyse Roy.

The requirements of the laundry services must be considered

Everybody is delighted! At last, an alternative that fulfils its functions while preserving patients’ dignity! Yet, our designers estimate it will take at least five to ten years to implement the new hospital gown in health institutions in Quebec. Why will it take so long? Because each supply contract between launderers and health institutions will have to be changed, and each department within hospitals will have to be persuaded of its relevance. Once their participation will have been secured, healthcare providers will have to be trained and patients informed. (Reference: La révolution de la chemise d’hôpital). Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that the “familiar objects surrounding us”, despite the fact that they are far from the optimal solution, often remain the way they are…

Author : Myriam Hivon, Ph.D.


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