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Hinnovic, two years later!

Hinnovic, two years later!

Our team launched the blog a little more than two years ago. It has been a captivating adventure! Our lunch discussions have never been so lively. As you may guess, researchers rarely talk about topics that push them beyond their comfort zone (for example, everything that falls outside their domain of expertise). In my case and because Hinnovic necessarily addresses a wide array of topics, I ALWAYS navigate in such zones. And it has been a constantly renewed source of learning for me. I hope this blog creates the same effect on you. We have noted a steadily growing number of visitors, located in many countries. It is fascinating! And at the same time … I wonder (nothing original for a researcher will you think!). What inspires you? What are you looking for? Do you find it? And then what do you do with it? A master’s level student will examine such questions by conducting a study on how different publics appropriate the blog. We will invite you to participate!

Enjoy navigating on our site.

Author :Pascale Lehoux, Ph.D.


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