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Design to promote independent living

Still interested in finding clever and socially relevant solutions for health? We invite you to listen to David Seidel’s talk presented at the TEDxMontrealQuartierLatin, an event hosted by the Hinnovic team on October 1st, 2010. Stressing demographic changes associated to ageing, David argues in favor of universal design principles that could, by focusing on a number of key functional capabilities, enable everyone, including the “oldest olds” to live at home independently much longer.

Find other refreshing design stories on TEDxMontrealQuartierLatin website.

(Length : 9 min. 2 s.)

(Please be patient. Video should load and start automatically after a few seconds)

Speaker :David Seidel

Ph.D. candidate

Department of engineering

Text introduction :Myriam Hivon,


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