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Studying « Bixi-ville »

Interview with Daniel FullerEven with the best intentions, there is always a reason to hesitate to use our bicycle to transit: there is no place to store it at destination or for the return ride we would have to go uphill. To address these excuses, a public bicycle share program (PBSP) might be a good solution. In this interview, Daniel Fuller, a Ph.D. candidate in public health, presents BIXI, a PBSP in Montreal and explains how this innovation can help adopt a more active lifestyle.


Daniel Fuller on Montreal’s Public Bike Sharing Program – Bixi


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Audio version on iTunes here: Studying Montreal’s PBSP – Bixi (iTunes-AUDIO)

Please note that Daniel Fuller and his research team are not affiliated to BIXI.

Guest :

Daniel Fuller
Ph.D. Candidate
École de santé publique
Université de Montréal

Journalist : Pauline Boinot, M.Sc.


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