Hinnovic » Margaret Magdesian, from academia to biomedical startup

Margaret Magdesian, from academia to biomedical startup

margaret_magdesian_audioMargaret Magdesian created Ananda Devices in 2015, a startup that aims to accelerate the transition of major scientific breakthroughs into new diagnostics and therapeutics. Margaret holds a Ph.D in biochemistry and was previously an associate researcher at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) and the McGill University Department of Physics. In this phone interview, she explains why she created a startup and the challenges of being an ex academic engaging in the creation of an enterprise.

Listen to the interview with the audio player:

Audio file : Margaret Magdesian on business accelerators


Guest: Margaret Magdesian, Ph.D.
Ananda Devices
Journalist: Jérémy Bouchez

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