Hinnovic » Cyberpsychology as a clinical tool : an interview with Camillo Zacchia

Cyberpsychology as a clinical tool : an interview with Camillo Zacchia

Interview with Camillo ZacchiaIn Quebec, mental healthcare services are not as accessible as we would like to see it. There are long waiting lists in the public sector and not everyone can afford to see a professional in the private sector. Furthermore, people suffering from anxiety disorders are usually reluctant to find help and see a professional. In this interview, Camillo Zacchia, from the Douglas Institute in Montreal, explains that virtual reality is an interesting clinical tool to help patients face their fears but that other treatments are also available. He also points out that it could be possible to improve the access to mental healthcare services by creating partnerships between professionals and community groups.


Camillo Zacchia on Cyberpsychology as a clinical tool


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Audio version on iTunes here: Cyberpsychology as a clinical tool (iTunes-AUDIO)

Guest :

Camillo Zacchia, Ph.D.
Professional Chief of Psychology
Chair, Clinical Ethics Committee
Douglas Institut
Phobie Zéro

Journalist : Pauline Boinot, M.Sc.


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