Hinnovic » Crowdfunding: an old idea to support new ones?

Crowdfunding: an old idea to support new ones?

RDavies_thumbLong before Kickstarter and Indiegogo, in 1885, a crowdfunding campaign supported by mass media allowed the Statue of Liberty to finally take its place in the New York skyline. This is one of the facts pointed out by Rodrigo Davies, Head of product at Neighborly civic crowdfunding, San Francisco, and Research Affiliate at MIT’s Center for Civic Media, in an interview with Hinnovic’s Jérémy Bouchez. While presenting the origins and core principles of crowdfunding, he also offers his views about the popularity of crowdfunding and its relevance for supporting innovative projects in health and other domains.

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Get the audio file here : Rodrigo Davies on crowdfunding


Guest: Rodrigo Davies
Head of product at Neighborly
Research affiliate at MIT Center for Civic Media
PhD student at Stanford University
Journalist: Jérémy Bouchez

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