Hinnovic » Biosongs of people said to be silent

Biosongs of people said to be silent

Biosongs of people said to be silentStill interested in finding clever and socially relevant solutions for health? We invite you to listen to Stephanie Blain’s talk presented at the TEDxMontrealQuartierLatin, an event hosted by the Hinnovic team on October 1st, 2010. Inspired by her interactions with voiceless children in a complex continuing care unit, Stefanie explains how turning their physiological signals into music would enable caregivers and family members to connect with these children’s personhood and emotions.



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Stefanie Blain on the biosongs of people said to be silent

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(Length : 17 min. 15 s.)
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Speaker : Stefanie Blain, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Toronto
Text introduction : Myriam Hivon, Ph.D.


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