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Adaptive Eyeglasses : An interview with Josh Silver

Audio interview with Josh SilverIn this interview, Professor Joshua Silver from the University of Oxford presents one of the technologies developed by the Center for Vision in the Developing World: adaptive eyeglasses. These glasses are fluid-filled corrective lenses, adjustable by the wearer who learns the process of self-refraction, e.g., determining the level of correction required. Professor Silver also explains why this product is a low cost technology and why the shape of the glasses matters. He finally shows how this innovation impacts on the life of people in developing countries.



Josh Silver on adaptive eyeglasses


Get the audio file here: J. Silver on adaptive eyeglasses

Listen to the interview on iTunes: J. Silver on adaptive eyeglasses (iTunes)



More on the CVDW’s adaptive eyeglasses…

This short clip offers more information on the Centre for Vision in the Developing World’s adaptive eyeglasses and how they are changing the life of some in need.


For more, visit the Centre for Vision in the Developing World website



Guest: Professor Joshua Silver
Centre for Vision in the Developing World
University of Oxford
Journalist: Pauline Boinot, M.Sc.


3 commentaires

  1. John Jacobs dit :

    God bless you and your research team for this innovation to help developing countries with vision problems. I was personally touched when your studies took you to my motherland Ghana. I wish to inquire whether this research may benefit diabetics, like me who periodically experience vision changes. I shall be most grateful to hear your response. I also think this may also boost the debate in the healthcare reform currently being discussed. Again, thank you immensely.

  2. Cader Jaunbocus dit :

    Dear Professor Silver,
    I accidentdentally watched a TV documentary programme showing your genius invention combined with a solution for the poor people in developing countries. This really catched my attention.
    Having myself been involved at The Round Table Movement, which is almost worldwide and having as one of its objectives, to help the needy, I have been wondering whether you have any connection to expand the move that you have started to Mauritius Island.
    I am myself a Professional Accountant (FCCA from UK), MBA from the University of Birmingham) with much experience and would be keen to extend your movement to Mauritius as I think that there are people who woulb be more than happy with your solutions.
    May I request you to please get back to me on this issue.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thanks & best regards
    Cader Jaunbocus

  3. pboinot dit :

    Dear Mr. Jaunbocus,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I forwarded it to Professor Silver to inform him about it.

    Best regards,

    Pauline Boinot

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